December 12, 2013 Ingress Team
Hello Friends,

Since last few days I was working on SETSPN and creating linked server in Microsoft SQL Server. Build around 4 virtual servers using 2 Windows 2003 and 2 Windows 2008 running MS SQL Server 2000 and MS SQL Server 2008.

Basically I found it is very difficult when it comes to use Domain Account and create those linked server which includes method of Hoping. so below are the few examples of it.

1. A TO C via B
2. B TO C via D
3. A TO D via B
4. A TO D via C
5. A TO C via D
6. B TO D via A
7. B TO A via C

somehow creating linked server with single hoping is not difficult it is just go to

But when it comes to Double Hoping method it is really difficult to understand the way it works and at that place we get SETSPN utility a lot into the picture.

Below is the way you can troubleshoot this entire scenario and that will help you to resolve this issue at your work place.

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