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Flexible service delivery options to meet your company's requirement.

Due to Cloud’s massive scalable capabilities, cost and energy saving support, responsiveness, and dynamic nature, many enterprises are adopting Cloud for long-term business benefits. But to ensure your Cloud adoption is performing at the most effective state with better security and control, it demands great expertise and skill-sets to manage it efficiently and smoothly.

Addressing Key Challenges to Make a Difference

Benefits of Cloud Computing are huge, but many enterprises often have concerns, including:

  • Diverse privacy and security issues
  • Compatibility with existing applications
  • Lack of migration path from existing applications to Cloud environment
  • Management of Contractual or Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Consolidation between different IT security tools and their consoles
  • Tackling Vendor lock-in
  • Performance and reliability concerns
  • Cost and flexibility to pay as usage

To address above challenges, Ingress keeps effective coordination with the clients that make sense to their business objective. With the power and capabilities of Amazon Web Services as our data center, we are fully capable of housing your entire application with better security and availability. Our experienced and expert system administrators, architects, and engineers enable you to fully leverage your investments while surging towards a scalable and high performance cloud environment.

With over a decade of experience in Open Source application development and partnership with leading cloud infrastructure service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Our enterprise-level managed Cloud services provide you business ready environment with full Security, Availability, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Control, Performance, Multi-Region Replication, on-demand Backups, Scheduled and on-demand Maintenance.


Ingress is your strategic AWS cloud solution partner to help you integrate the full power of Amazon’s AWS suite of products and services in your business with better performance and network up-time.


Ingress provides all types of AWS support needed to build, deploy and scale your mission-critical application on Amazon’s Cloud platform.


Ingress’s excellent track record in managed cloud services enables enterprises in solving their business-critical application’s scalability, availability and performance problems with cost benefits.


Ingress IT helps you build cloud computing solutions with the right tools and technologies and create rich, integrated applications that connect you to your audience.

Our Managed Cloud Services

  • Define architecture and deploy the Cloud environment to your web application as per your business needs
  • Analyzing your hardware/software requirements for Cloud hosting
  • Server level OS installation and configuration
  • Application and Data migration from your existing IT infrastructure to Cloud infrastructure
  • Setup the Development, Staging and Production sites in Cloud as needed
  • Setup Clustering, Replication
  • Cloud Server managed line, Remote management
  • Load balancing, firewall installation
  • On-going monitoring, backup, application support as per contract or SLA

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