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Status Monitoring

Monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your website, webapp, API and servers.

  • Client:

    CM Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  • Date:

    Jan 2018

Project Details

Status Monitoring of your web applications and website is one of the major and important part but Monitoring doesn’t help us as we need something to resolve the initial Level 1-2 issues. Our efforts was to automate few of the tasks that gets arrised at Level 1 and Level 2 support.

Our Challenges

We found lots of Open source Web Status Monitoring tools online and say that Cachet HQ was good to use for Monitoring. We took Cachet HQ and did customization with it to get notification on Slack Channel for our support group. Also we added our custom scripts to the servers so that they are monitored. Other customization that we performed was to ensure that Monitoring Application is linked with our Cloud Environment so that it can perform certain operations to resolve the identified issues.



Laravel Framework 5.5




Php 7.2


Apache 2.4




Shell Scripting


Bash Scripting


The Result

With the customization we did to Cachet HQ it was an awesome work because now it not only manages the level 1 issues but also we were able to manage the Level 2 issues.

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