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Assets Management System

Simple and efficient web application to manage your company IT assets & software license inventory.

  • Client:

    CM Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  • Date:

    Jan 2018

Project Details

Managing assets with a Google doc or a shared Excel spreadsheet is more common than you think. When your company is small, it can (sort of) work for a while, but as you grow, things get messy, fast. Assets Management System lets your admins work together to track physical assets, software licenses, accessories, and consumables.

Our Challenges

Initially it was easy to manage the inventory and software licenses in Excel file but as we started growing and moving to Cloud Infrastructure it was really hard to understand the assets that we are paying for and if the physical assets are with us or its with Vendor for repair.



Laravel Framework 5.5


Jquery 1.11


PHP 7.2


Apache 2.4




The Result

The feedback from our IT Team and customers who started using Dwike AMS is positive. We are performing iterations based on the suggestions received. The project has been regarded as a massive success as it has managed to reduce operating expenses.

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