Custom Mobile Application Development

Ingress IT can help you create a great looking custom mobile application that is easily found and fits your needs perfectly. Some unique features we provide are:

  • Confidentiality: Ingress IT will sign a NDA whenever asked to protect your idea and company.
  • Scalable Designs: So that when your app is a success you’ll have the peace of mind that it will stay a success.
  • Debugging: Many developers do not debug there application, we do to make sure it they work the way they should.
  • Custom Design/Structure: This allows you have long term upgrades without having to worry about starting all over again.
  • Implementation Research: We test out applications as much as permitted to make sure our applications accomplish their intended goal.
  • SUCCESS: With more applications ranked in the top grossing, free, and many other categories then any other mobile application development company in the same field and specialities. Ingress IT should be your only choice, Call us today to get started on making your mobile app a success.

What can you do with a Mobile App?

There is a huge demand for Apps from every market – people download Apps because they want to know about the products and services different companies are offering. With Push-Notification, you can alert all your customers at once to any specific piece of information you wish to get out there; and with Instant Messaging you can communicate with them individually … meanwhile the very fact that they have already downloaded your App means that they actually want to know what it is that you have to say!

We will be glad to discuss any of your needs related to IT solutions. We assure you of an effective solution for your needs.

Business Mobile App Development Ideas:

Think about an idea for a app that will help people:

  • Looking for your product or service
  • Want to buy your product or service
  • Have bought your product or service

Ideas for Mobile Application Usages:

  • Help with sales presentations
  • Streamline departments
  • Manage Finances
  • Help with project management
  • Add Brand Value
  • Product Ordering
  • Employee Training
  • Increase customer service
  • And anything else your imagination can dream up

When developing a mobile application:

  • Focus on custom-building a cross-platform mobile app from the ground up so that you can incorporate long term upgrades.
  • Properly equip them with App Discovery (the Mobile equivalent of Search Engine Optimization) so that people can find your app.
  • Mobile Apps provide a dynamic interface between you and your market. This interface can used for displaying account history, ordering information, lead information, or streamline a process.
  • Be sure your developer is not only established as a pre-eminent designer of innovative cross-platform Mobile code; but is also fully versed in building your App with “App Discovery,” which is the Search Engine Discovery technology for Mobile Apps.