Integration Services

Ingress Integration Solutions are designed to enable the organizations to attain integration maturity for integrations between different enterprise applications, partners (customers, suppliers, logistics, marketplaces, etc.) and people (employees, business users, etc.).

Our Integration solutions include Business to Business (B2B), Business Process Integration (BPI) & workflows, Composite Applications and Service-Oriented Integration.

Client Challenges

Today’s business environment is a world of constant change, characterized by dynamic markets, mergers and acquisitions, business diversification and intense competition. To achieve and sustain leadership, enterprises need to develop a superior ability to sense and respond quickly and smartly to market changes.

The key lies in taking progressive steps toward developing service-oriented, plug-and-play business capabilities. Some of the challenges that organizations face include the folllowing:

  • Business processes span IT applications
  • Disparate applications need to share data
  • Unified view of data is desired
  • Application processes need to inter-operate

Organizations must achieve the following in order to tackle the above-mentioned challenges:

  • Provide mechanisms for application integration
  • Outline a roadmap for system evolution
  • Act as a bridge between architecture goals and current realities