Our Approach

With our strong background in strategy consulting, Ingress IT Solutions has developed a very structured approach and well defined delivery frameworks for all aspects of our service lines.

The WHAT, The HOW, The WHO defines a fundamental concept of innovation, strategy and effective development of plans. Very often this basic concept is foreign to businesses, but once they understand it, it changes the way they think about problems and problem solving.  For example, companies get caught up in HOW to get things done, or WHO will do it, and lose sight of WHAT exactly it is they are trying to accomplish.


  • WHAT is the problem?
  • WHAT are the objectives?
  • WHAT are the goals?
  • WHAT are the opportunities?


  • HOW will the problem be solved?
  • HOW will goals and objectives be accomplished?
  • HOW will obstacles be overcome?


  • WHO will be a part of the project?
  • WHO will be responsible for each area?
  • WHO needs to come on-board?