Specialized in developing robust, interactive, and scalable video streaming apps for popular OTT platforms.

Successful digital transformation of your business with Ingress IT Solution’s software development and infrastructure support services focused on logistics and supply chain


We contribute to custom logistics software development for multiple businesses across the globe like FedEx Ground, Nexxiot, and OurCNC


In-house teams of IT specialists have tailored their logistics and supply chain expertise in dozens of projects.

Custom Logistics and Supply Chain Software Solutions and Infrastructure Support

Transportation Management Software Development

Make your transportation business truly modern and digitized to win more customers, boost profits, and stand out against competitors with Ingress IT Solutions. Our top developers are proud of their deep expertise in Transportation IT solutions.

We are ready to share our expertise:

  • 16 software development centers;
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate;
  • 250+ specialists able to develop logistics tools.

Order Management Software Development

Expedite the best order management processes with our Custom Order Management Software Development Services. Validate orders together with shipping/returns and analyze BI data via our tailored-fit and advanced fulfillment solutions for a better client experience.

We are ready to share our expertise:

  • 15-year-long track record with Logistics tools;
  • 24/7 support provided by top Logistics experts;
  • 99% accuracy in every software aspect.

Warehouse Management Software Development

With our expertise in warehousing and a wide variety of software development capabilities, we can help you make technology your key differentiator. Resolve challenges that seem unresolvable and facilitate your warehouse operations via Custom Warehouse Management Software for inventory and stock control.

We are ready to share our expertise:

  • 15 years spent in the Logistics market;
  • 12 months’ guarantee for all IT deliverables;
  • 24/7 support provided by top Logistics experts.

Inventory Management Software Development

Benefit from the latest inventory management trends and custom-built industry-specific software to better align inventory levels with production demand, optimize inventory carrying costs, and mitigate your internal and external inventory-related risks.

We are ready to share our expertise:

  • 60 KPIs for efficient control over processes;
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate;
  • 150+ completed projects.

What We Do

Ingress IT Solutions’s team uses the latest technologies, follows current trends, and helps you achieve your goals by applying innovative approaches in its work. The impressive experience and deep expertise of our specialists in the Real Estate domain will allow you to get everything you need to grow your business and improve service quality for your clients.

Sharing, Pooling, Rental

Drive value with mobile and web apps built by Ingress IT Solutions, including booking and reservation systems, car insurance and communication tools, admin panels, etc.

Urban Mobility Solutions

Propel your logistics business to new heights with custom smart parking tools, last-mile delivery solutions, traffic management software, etc.

Smart City Solutions

With IoT tools, location-based services, and data analytics, local authorities and private companies can make their cities more liveable, attractive, and sustainable.

Fleet Management Software Development

Ingress IT Solutions helps its customers with GPS tracking, telematics, maintenance scheduling, fleet cards, data collection, etc. via mobile and web apps.

Freight Forwarding Optimization

The team builds freight management platforms that support quoting and booking freight loads and reduce transaction times by streamlining information sharing.

Blockchain for Logistics and Supply Chain

Apply the potential of blockchain to ensure faster delivery, remove intermediaries, secure traceability, and maintain cost-efficiency.

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