Software Development Services

We have a deep pool of software and database expertise that has been built up over many years of being involved in solving some of the most complicated software and database technology problems across the globe. We are a dynamic Software Development & Database Company specializing in the design and development of software information systems & Databases. We specialize in Microsoft platform solutions, developing web-based and windows-based applications. With a highly technical and business-aware team, we are focused on adding value to your business through technology and innovative software systems.

From the requirements to specification stage, programming to testing and deployment, our software team are experts at delivering the software solution needed to launch your business to the next level. We use the best tools and practices that the industry has to offer which makes all of our software solutions robust and dependable. We have been developing software systems for the past 7 years and offer a full suite of Software Development Services.

Full Cycle Services

Ingress is a full-cycle software product development (SPD) service provider, and supports you at any stage of your product evolution – from a mere idea to product support and maintenance, as displayed on the following picture:

Factors in Successful Development Acceleration

Ingress provides a number of distinct leverages which are essential for a successful, long-term product development partnership:

Product leadership

We identify Business Analysis in Software Product Development as a separate area of expertise, targeted to extend capabilities and facilitate your central Product Management efforts. This helps your Product Manager to scale properly and focus on the most critical things, without being over-loaded by a huge amount of information from users or multiple products requirements management tasks, etc.

Focus on product quality

All product quality assurance functions are handled by an independent QA department whose sole mission is the quality of your product at its every aspect. Independence from the development team guarantees that you always get correct understanding of the quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

Global delivery

Ingress has delivered its outstanding services to various clients located in United States, Australia, India, New Zealand and Europe. Such a distributed, but flat and flexible organization structure enables close communication between your team and the Ingress team while improving its efficiency and avoiding the complexities of direct management of remote development and QA teams.

Intellectual Property Protection

Ingress has a strong focus on a service-based business model. This is one of the principal points we are building our work around and it is designed and implemented to protect Ingress’s clients from unfair competition practices. Strong corporate policies, standards and infrastructure protect clients’ Intellectual Property from being used by anybody else, including other product teams within Ingress.

Challenges associated with Software Product Development

Software Product development is associated with the number of challenges. Importance of every challenge comes from its impact on the result. Below you will see how we define those challenges and our best practices for overcoming them.







1. To maximize the product’s value for the customer within the budget frames

Cultivate innovation culture
Use a Product Manager role
Involve ‘best brains’

Apply process frameworks focused on business value maximization (SCRUM and others)

Automate routine procedures (builds creation, regression testing and others)
Use requirements management tools

2. To minimize delivery delays without extra budget

Build strong product teams
Organize regular customer-vendor communication
Apply knowledge sharing within the product team

Apply Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM)
Apply Risk management etc. for project schedule control
Apply quantitative product and process metrics

Use video and audio-conferencing tools for regular communication between physically distributed teams

3. To release the high quality first product version

Invest in regular team trainings and education
Involve independent QA team

Use advanced defect prevention and early identification methods (Fagan inspection, Unit testing)
Organize beta-testing

Use issue (defect, CR, etc) tracking systems

4. To support multiple product versions

Apply Release Management process

Use SCM tool with multi-branching support

5. To minimize product support costs

Test product in all the available environments
Apply usability, performance and stress testing on regular basis

Use Helpdesk and Knowledge Base systems

Software Migration Services

Our Software Application Migration services help retain the know-how in your legacy applications and at the same time leverage on the performance potential of latest technologies. Whether the development toolset is at the desktop or on the Internet, Ingress is capable of developing and implementing software application migration / application porting projects. We perform migration / reengineering of applications from existing platforms to newer ones and from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies.

Migration methodology can include an approach that:

  • Integrates Legacy Systems and new Internet driven technologies.
  • Migration of systems and business logic to new architectures, languages and web-based environments.
  • Ensures systems quality and stability.
  • Replace a legacy system, moving the data from the legacy application to the new application while preserving data integrity.
  • Consolidate legacy systems eliminating duplication by moving data and functionality from various systems to a smaller number of systems.

Ingresss, a custom software development company has web-enabled a lot of the legacy OLTP (An OLTP system is an application that modifies data and has a large number of concurrent users. Many OLTP systems are written against a DBMS) applications like replacing the middleware by Windows compliant application server and redesign the user interface with OO (.Net Apps), making the application accessible for enterprise application integration and e-business.

We work on every phase of migration process i.e. current technology study and evaluation, requirement analysis, code migration, testing phase as well and deployment phase.