Title Internship
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Job Information

Internship applications are evaluated with some differences compared to full-time job applications based on:

Choice of project

  • Choice of Internship Assignment
  • Level of skills required
  • Remuneration requirement
  • Full-time/Part-time availability
  • Duration of Internship


  1. Showcase your talent – either complete an internship assignment or assignment for regular job opening. As this is internship, you are free to submit different assignment as long as it showcase your skills for project you are interested in.
  2. Once that is complete, please submit application form.


A senior project manager will be assigned to you, who will guide and monitor your work progress. Project will be evaluated based on quality of codes, logics, overall thought process and efforts put.

Certificate and Stipend:
Please note that certificates and/or reward will be given based on the efforts, dedication and evaluation of final deliverable. If stipend is important, try working as full-time intern.

Feel free to contact us at hr@ingressit.com for any questions or concerns about the internship and/or process.

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