Available Assignments

This year we are happy to offer Internship Assignments on below topics since we have projects available in the following fields:

You are free to select any of the above fields of your interest and work on it. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns about the internship and/or process.


1. PHP & MySQL or ASP.NET & MS-SQL: 

Do you like to work on PHP or .NET?

Don’t worry! Any option either PHP or .NET can be used to accomplish the below the task, so its up to you to select and start working on your choice. 

Your internship will involve loads of programming skills and of-course MySQL/MS-SQL database & JSON/XML knowledge!!
Project Overview:

  • Web based Monitoring Tool with API features. It should monitor websites, database servers, Particular IP Port, etc.
  • When something breaks up SMS, Twitter or Email notification needs to be sent
  • View Actual Visitors on the site
  • User Authentication Process.
  • Dashboard containing Graph view which will represent the each added server, services status, current visitor counts, etc. for the past 7 days
  • Add new servers like Monitoring Website, Database, Servers, TCP IP Port, etc with interval to monitor, minimum response time, notification to email id for each/all service.
  • All the data needs to be Stored in MySQL/MS-SQL database.
  • Any X Developer can submit a new service data via API once API confirms the API Token credentials.
  • Lastly this entire application needs to be fully responsive.

Please submit your application and once confirmation is received start working on the assignments.

2. Android Application & iPhone Application:
For any of the above task you will need to send an email to our internship@ingressit.com and they will share the project details with you.

Business Development

Do you like talking to people, companies or groups?
Are you confident to convince people with your  communication skills (written or verbal)?
Can you accept the challenge to ‘dig deeper into the sales channel, explore it and discover new business segments’?

Your internship will involve loads of research, presentations, business proposals writing and of-course sales!!

Assignment detail:

  1. Do extensive research about Ingress IT Solutions, our products and services. Come up with your sales plan stating the target markets, various avenues of sales channels we can trap. Give some solid suggestions for business development which you can confidently implement.
  2. Create a power-point presentation (no more than 10 slides) about ‘Why we should select you’?

Please submit both the assignments. The objective here is to gauge your thought process, research skills, communication and presentation abilities. Based on your assignment, we will have second round of selection process.

Digital Marketing

Marketing enthusiast who are keen to learn, explore and work with our teams to increase the online visibility and brand presence.

Assignment 1: Video
Create a video highlighting Ingress IT Solutions, its process, services, products and why Ingress.  The objective here is to gauge your creative skills, research aptitude and marketing flavor.
Duration: 60 – 90 seconds
Assignment 2: Marketing Infographics
Info-graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.As the new trend in online marketing infographics can be referred to as data visualization, information design, or information architecture. We would like you to create infographics for Ingress IT Solutions.

Note: Please submit both the assignments. Feel free to discuss about required information, images or anything else, which will help you to complete your assignment.

The overall internship would include loads of presentations, case-study writings, blogging, video making, social media and much more.